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These are our Stallions that we own and breed our Mares to and our upcoming stallions. All our stallions are available for outside breeding; just contact us to find out more. We request 48 hours notice before visiters come out to visit our horses. We have full time jobs, and full time lives, in adition to the farm. We do not permit visiters to come out to see the horses when there is no one at the barn.

Ferrands Tripple K Ivan

31.00 on application 34" as of April 2019
Double Registered
born in 2000

Ivan's sire is LBF's Clydes Pryde, who's sire was Little Kings Clyde, who's sire is Stouts Mister Pride and dam is Stouts Monalisa. Stouts Mister Pride's sire is Branamans Peppermint and dam is Limpy. LBF's Clydes Pryde's dam is LBF's Soxy Lady.

Ivan's dam is Fishers Painted Peanut, who's sire is Fisher's painted Dust Buster, who's sir is Uranus Light Vant Huttenest and dam is Fishers Coretta. Fishers Coretta's sire is Fishers Jim Dandy and dam is Fishers Connie. Fishers Jim Dandy's sire is Fishers little Eddie and dam is Fishers Black Raven. Fisher's Painted Peanut's dam is Fishers Painted Review, who's sire is Stouts Red Head and dam is Fishers Dorothy Stouts Red Head's sire is Stouts Sir George and dam is Stouts Cupcake. George's sire is Stouts Mister Pride and dam is Stouts Ramona and Cupcake's sire is Stouts Little Delilah

Great black and white blue eyed stallion. Ivan is a consistent producer of black and white blue eyed babies, most of them being paw printed. He is heterozygous for Tobiano and homozygous for black. Thou many of his babies look to be overo they amazingly may be splash white.

Tobiano: T/n
Red Black factor: E/E
Splash White: SW1/n
Agouti: a/a
Silver: n/n
Appaloosa: n/n
Overo: n/n
Sabino: n/n



A small sample of Ivan's foals over just the past 3 years (and there are even more, just no room)

j w n g
h j m .
gf e n b
vgf , n lk
s df j e
kl , s g
jgdy m
r y e

Magic Mans Invisibly Dun

Double registered
30" on application 31" as of April 2019
Born in 2007

His sire is LTDs Magic Man

His dam is Lilliput Acres Electric Bug

Venny is a black Sabino out of Magic Man form LTD Farms. He is a maximum white Sabino. He is a carrier of the red gene and is negative for silver dillution.

Tobiano: n/n
Red Black factor: E/e
Splash White: n/n
Agouti: ?/?
Silver: n/n
Appaloosa: n/n
Overo: n/n
Sabino: SW1/n

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