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When picking up a horse please bring a live stock trailer or we will not let the animal lever the farm. We do not let them leave in a van, car, or jeep. Unless it is a transport van (like whaat Up's has) with not glass that they can kick out and a door to seperate the driver, and a rubber mat it the back is slick metal. Converted U-Hals with windows and rubber mates are great and make for good mini and goat trailers.

All mares were turned out to pasture with stallions. No guarantees on breeding. Buyer pays for health and coggins papers for out of state travel. For us it is $120 for our health and coggins papers, and as the buyer you have the option not to get any, but we will not be held responsible. None of our prices include health and coggins. Any mare that is bought and births a baby while in our care or waiting for pick up we charge $100 birthing fee. Our mares birth from the months of late March to early June.

We take deposits. Half the total price will hold a horse for you. No deposit is refundable (we mark the animal as sold and they lose any chance of getting a good home between then and when you change your mind) but if you come out and find a horse you like better than you put the deposit on we will change the deposit over to that animal. Or if circumstances come up where you can not get an animal at the time you put the deposit in, with good reason, we will give you a credit for the amount you paid to use at a later date.

We take checks, casher’s checks, and cash. If you don't want to risk a horse that you like to get sold before you check arrives in the mail then scan or take a pic of the check and email it to us. We will count the horse as sold as soon as we have proof of intent to purchase. We will not let a horse leave the farm until the total is paid in full. Papers or paperwork will be given after full payment. We will hold a baby horse for 3 months after date of birth for you to come and pick up. After that the weening age we charge $50 a month until pickup. This takes care of food, boarding, wormer, and trimming feet. If we lose contact with the buyer for three months, and all phone calls and emails go unanswered the deposit is forfeit and the horse goes back up for sale. So long as you tell us of any delays we will be flexible and try to work with you, just let us know what’s going on.

We do not deliver nor do we know anyone that dose. We request 48 hours notice before visiters come out to visit our horses. We have full time jobs, and full time lives, in adition to the farm. We do not permit visiters to come out to see the horses when there is no one at the barn.

Our polices are on par with other large Miniature horse farms that we have done business with.

Charges will change for over seas customers as there is more testing required, a quarantine period, and a great deal more time before the horses leave the farm in which we have to care for them until they leave. Any horse purchased will be the property of the buyer, if the horse incurs a vet bill it will be the owners responsibility to pay any vet bills while the horse is in our care. We will give a number of the vet that comes out to our farm but the animal will no longer be our responsibly when the down payment is made. All horses that are purchased will require an emergency phone number so that we can contact the buyer and let them know something has happened. If we are unable to contact the buyer we will still call out the vet but whatever decisions are made the buyer will still be responsible for the vet bill. Our top priority is the wellbeing of all animals on our farm and we will not withhold medical aid because an owner will not pick up the phone.

If you want health and Coggins papers our prices are not up for debate. This is what our vet charges


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