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Welcome, to Ferrand's Tripple K Farms!

On our farm we have up to four generations of mares and babies, and all with an eye towards color that is outstanding. Nearly all our babies are born with at least one blue eye, and are small and correct as possible. Our breeding has gone all over the USA and Canada.

Our most outstanding Stallion is named Ivan. Ivan is a consistent producer of black and white blue eyed babies, most of them being paw printed. We have yet to see his color genetics surpassed by any other Stallion in the miniature horse world. Except for his wonderful sons that are up and coming in the black and whites.

We are one of the larges Tobiano, Overo, and Sobiano farms this side of the Mid-West. Our Stallions bloodlines range from Little kings Buck Zeus, Buckeroo, Little Kings Buck Commanda, Lucky Four Sid Rebel, Samis Juju Banana, LBF Clydes Pryde, Little Kings Clyde, Librerty Moon Glo, Magic Man, and Tripple K Ivan. Some of our breedings go back to the year 1800. Really great beginings.

We request 48 hours notice before visiters come out to visit our horses. We have full time jobs, and full time lives, in adition to the farm. We do not permit visiters to come out to see the horses when there is no one at the barn.

We are testing and discovering a strong vain of Splash white in our lines gong back to LBF Clydes Pryde. More testing results comeing in the future.

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Updated 1/13//2018

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